I’m in Miami….

I met one of my favorite Reality TV stars and creators while in Miami last week, Shaunie from basketball wives! So we started the day off by walking the Miracle Mile (nothing like Chicago, do not be deceived) in the Coral Gables community.   Well this little strip is home to Evelyn’s shoe store!   I was not super impressed; I think camera lighting does wonders!  I will say the differences between the appearance on TV and in real life was not as dramatic as the Dash store, which we visited the day before in South Beach.  I think the Kardashian’s are filming the show at a fake more impressive “Dash Miami”. Anyway, while at Evelyn’s store, one of my friends recognized another patron as her daughter.  We left without buying anything and without taking any pictures inside either because a sign on the door stated “no pictures”.  I must admit I found that a little annoying but hey I suppose those working at the store find fans photos REALLY annoying.  I did take a picture of the outside of the store.

That teeny weeny sign to the left is Evelyn’s storefront.  Oh and yes that is a Supercuts two doors down…

So we headed to Aventura Mall in Miami after and while two of my friends were eating in Grand Lux they recognized Shaunie and her model boyfriend Marlon Yates in the booth behind them.   Later the two plopped right behind a few of my other friends in the food court.  Despite having a top reality show she was just sitting in the food court like any regular person.  We found out later that the Basketball Wives began filming the third season the night before.  We had a friend ask if we could take a picture she obliged and said he, meaning her adorable boy toy, would take the picture for us!  She said we were trying to get a picture of her looking a mess, but honestly she looked really pretty even without make up.  Seeing a Miami Reality TV star while we were there just made our trip!

Oh here are a few other things I enjoyed about Miami!

One of my boyfriend’s favorite movies is Bad Boys I and II. We stopped by the Historic Biltmore Hotel where a few of the scenes were filmed.  It was a beautiful hotel, and hopefully one day I will be able to afford to check in!

I loved all of the beautiful condos on South Beach!  If we stayed an extra day we were going to pose as perspective buyers and tour some of the condos.

Big Pink in Miami Beach was probably the most memorable restaurant we ate it during our visit.   Great prices and great food! I will definitely be back when I return to South Beach!

The fresh seafood! Calamari just does not taste the same when you are far from the ocean. I tried to order seafood for every meal in South Beach.

Inside Dash Miami in South Beach.

Great shopping area on South Beach.

Last but not least the beach.  I always love seeing blue water.  It is a far cry from the murky water at the beach in Galveston,Texas I traveled to as a kid.

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2 thoughts on “I’m in Miami….

  1. Ryan says:

    Ummm everything said “a friend”, “a friend” I want my shot out! Lol

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