The Dreaded Bar Exam

A shirt I received for graduation! I wore it the last day of the bar exam.

My blog reflects my summer, no new updates because I was under a rock called the bar exam. Well today at approximately 4:20pm I crawled from under that rock … I am officially done with the bar exam! Let’s pray that I’m in the one and done crew! I feel like I just pressed play again on my life. Without a doubt transitioning from the bar exam and law school for that matter is going to be an adjustment.  For the last three years and the last hectic months my mind has been programmed to think about what I should be doing as opposed to what I am doing.  Literally over the last few weeks I felt guilty eating without simultaneously reviewing flash cards. Thank God for having my life back!! These are just a few of my thoughts that I have not had time to write, which is my new favorite form of expression when it doesn’t involve legal terms.

First off the exam itself wasn’t that bad!  No really! I had my freak out moments before I entered the exam room like everyone else.  I cursed all bar examiners for giving me a test based purely on memorization.  Several times I screamed, look I know how to apply the law! How do you think I graduated from law school? That should be enough in states other than Wisconsin which only requires a JD from a Wisconsin law school to practice.  But in the end I walked in and took a test for three days and managed not cry or throw up in the process.

Anywho not long before the exam I remembered something, I’ve been tested to death my entire life! From the TAKS and TAAS test in Texas to the SAT and ACT to get into college and the LSAT to advance to law school! The bigger thing is I never let those exams get the best of me.  Never walked into them anxious or fearful just did what I needed to do to advance to the next step of life.  So I worked hard to turn down the anxiety before I walked into the exam room and I think it worked in my favor. I had a clear head and was not focused on what I didn’t know but what I did and these bar exam graders were going to hear all of what I knew even if I forced into a question where it wasn’t relevant. I was determined to use as much of the information crammed into my head as possible!  If I pass the exam this philosophy is what I will credit for my success to. But if a fail…

…I’m blaming the MBE!!! The MBE is a portion of the bar exam which includes 200 multiple choice questions to be completed during the course of two three hour segments.  Torture I tell you torture! Multiple choice sounds easy enough until you get tricky exam writers who provide you with four answers that are all right in some way.  Annoying! And what’s even more annoying is said the average score after the curve was somewhere around 130-140s. Who writes a test where on average people are missing pretty close to half the questions AFTER the curve???  This is the kind of ridiculousness that has been torturing my soul over the last few weeks!

The worst part of this all is that I took the bar in Texas.  Texas being one of the few states with a three day bar exam and one of the few states that does not give you your scores until November.  Between now and November I am sure I will go over the exam in my mind so many times.  I’m trying my best to purposefully block it out. Not go over any questions or flip threw my bar books looking for that answer I may have missed.  I think that in itself is worse then studying for the bar exam, worrying about something that is essentially already determined.

So what’s next? I’m one of the many recent law graduates who is currently not employed.  I guess I should be freaking out but I am not.  I think I am going to enjoy this time because for the first time in my entire life, I do not know what is up next. I’m going to go with this and take advantage of it, blog, catch up on some TV, venture around DC or volunteer.  Knowing me, this will probably only last for a few weeks and that’s fine. After what I’ve been through I deserve this break and I intend to enjoy every minute of it!

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3 thoughts on “The Dreaded Bar Exam

  1. ladyjsvoice says:

    YAAAY! Glad you made it through & you definitely deserve to take a breather & enjoy yourself. I’m sure you did great on your test now go ahead and live it up for a while.

  2. erikastruth says:

    Thanks lady! It will be great to be DONE! But we will see in November.

  3. Mother says:

    We r so proud of your accomplishments! I know you did fantastic on the test…so look out world…HERE COMES ERIKA!!

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