Cupcake Update!

I managed to take a trip to Georgetown Cupcakes, the shop from the show DC Cupcakes, this summer.  Yes, I waited in that long line that went up the street! I don’t mind waiting in long lines as long as the people inside are moving like there is a long line outside. Some of the people on the inside could have moved a little faster and for that reason I will avoid Georgetown Cupcakes on weekends and holidays.

Anywho the cupcakes were decent.  Way better than others I’ve had in DC but not as good as the one’s I had in Kansas City and St. Louis.  I always get vanilla cupcakes but I don’t care for their vanilla cake, it wasn’t sweet enough.  I did like the chocolate cake with white icing and when I go back that will be my cupcake of choice. Their cupcakes also come with fondant decorations on them. Before this I’d never had fondant before.  Gross! The texture and consistency is the problem.  I’ll stick with buttercream.

I loved the location of the shop in the Georgetown area.  They also have a really nice shop.  I loved the color combination of pink, black and white. There is a lot of attention to detail with little stickers and decorations on the bottom of the cupcake wrappers. Like other shops I have seen on TV before seeing in person, this one was really small in person. That is part of the reason there is such a long line. Overall I liked the cupcakes well enough to go back again.

Up next is Magnolia Bakery in New York City.  Magnolia Bakery was featured on Sex and the City and partly responsible for the current cupcake craze.  Some of the reviews I’ve read aren’t so good but I think I’ll still try them.

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One thought on “Cupcake Update!

  1. ladyjsvoice says:

    Wow that is a long line but sometimes the experience is worth it. Enjoyed the post.

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