New York, New York!!

After seven years I finally made it back to New York City.   I went with my sister right after graduating from high school and just before starting college.   The city definitely felt different this time around.  I saw a few things that I missed last time.  The funny thing about New York to me is everywhere you turn you can think of some pop culture reference.   There has to be a stat somewhere of how many movies are set in New York! Overall it was a great trip and now that I am only a few hours away I hope to make the trip again.  Here are a few things I loved!  We only spent a day there so we tried to see as much as possible in a little time.

Holland Tunnel headed into Manhattan!

First views of Manhattan on the drive in!

We stayed in the Wall Street District primarily because we found a reasonably priced hotel that wasn’t a roach motel.  On our search for authentic New York pizza we discovered this area called Stone Street.  Loved this area!  We found a pizza shop there, Adrienne’s Pizza Bar.  For some reason the name had that strike through out, I didn’t ask why.   It was not the New York style pizza that we were craving but it was sooo good! Best food I had the entire trip.

 Stone Street in Wall Street District!

Our pizza from Adrienne’s Pizza Bar.

I made it up to the top of the Empire State building this time around.  It something I guess everyone should do but I can’t say that it was worth it!  Then I thought back to Sleepless and Seattle, the movie where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet on top of the Empire State Building and felt deceived!  Maybe it was different in the 90’s but that movie had me believing that the top of the Empire State Building was huge! Not at all, it’s a very tight space and you have to fight through a crowd to get a view without someone’s head in front of you!  Here are a few pics I took from the rooftop.  I refused to pay the extra twenty bucks or so for the recording to tell me what I was seeing so I have no idea what boroughs are in these pictures.  It was nice to see it from that viewpoint though.

Inside the Empire State Building.

Photo from the top.

View from the top.

Last time I went I spent the entire trip shopping with my sister and missed out on some of the popular tourist spots including Central Park.  It really is an amazing addition to city life.  If I ever moved to New York (which probably won’t happen) I would love to live near the park.  We didn’t go to far into the park, because it is huge but I did find a few areas that looked like they were included in episodes of Law and Order SVU. They are always finding victims in Central Park! If I went at night I probably would have been scared!

Central Park

This was the area that I think is right out of a SVU episode!

That night we ventured into Greenwich Village.  I really liked that area.  It has to be cool for the NYU students who live there.  Some aspects made it clear that there was a large University near by.  Maybe that is why I liked it! I spent way too much time living in a college town.  We went to a restaurant called Cuba in that area.  I didn’t love the food but I tried Sangria for the first time and loved it! The atmosphere was great and to top it off, they gave you a cigar on your way out.  I took it for a souvenir and I will never smoke it!

Cigar roller in the restaurant

Oh and of course we went to Times Square. Can’t say I really liked that area.  It’s really commercial and franchise restaurants everywhere.  The one highlight was seeing the New Year’s Ball! I did not know that the ball stayed there throughout the year.

Time Square and the New Years Ball!

Overall it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back.  Next time will probably be a shopping trip!  Here are a few more pictures.

We wondered into a bar, Fraunces Tavern, which turned out to be the oldest building in Manhattan!

Madison Square Garden

Macys! Every time I see the NY Macy’s it makes me think of Miracle on 34th Street. Hopefully I will be able to visit NY during the Christmas season.

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