My thoughts on Herman Cain

Some kind of way Herman Cain is becoming a legitimate candidate right before our eyes! Initially I considered him “the fringe” candidate who had no chance of winning.  During debates I checked twitter when he discussed his 9-9-9 plan or made nonsensical ramblings.  Well apparently some Republican voters were listening to him and liking what they heard.  So now I have had to take a harder look at Mr. Cain.   Yes I currently have no intention on voting for a Republican candidate but I like to stay informed.   One of these people could be our President and I’d like to know about them before they enter the White House.  After Herman Cain won the Florida straw poll I started paying a little more attention to him, actually listening rather than looking at twitter and I can’t say that I like what I see.   Here are a few of the things that disturb me about Herman Cain.

He said I was brainwashed!

It is common knowledge that most African Americans vote democratic.  This has been the case since FDR was elected.  Herman Cain claims that African Americans have been brainwashed to do so. Well Mr. Cain if you were trying to get me to change my vote, insulting me first is the wrong way to go! “Brainwashed” implies that African Americans are not informed voters or not intelligent.  According to Herman Cain blacks are just voting for the person with the D next to their name and not making intelligent decisions.

The real reason African Americans aren’t voting for Republicans has nothing to do with what Democrats have done or their attempts to “brainwash”.  It is based on what Republicans have not done to court and address the needs of the African American community.   My community is facing unemployment that is well above the national average yet all I hear from the Republican Party is essentially protect the rich or “job creators” and corporations.  Mr. Cain said himself if you want to be rich you need to just try harder.  It’s hard to try when Republicans are working to limit pell grants, which so many poor students benefit from.  It seems impossible to try harder when even a family that falls within the disappearing middle class would have to nearly go broke to send their child to college.   For some voting for democrats under the current climate may be a choice between the lesser of two evils.  All the same Republicans, particularly Mr. Cain will have to do something other than make claims of brainwashing to gain the African American vote.

No Muslims can be in his cabinet?

Herman Cain blatantly said he will not appoint any Muslim into his cabinet or as judges for fear that they would attempt to gradually ease their Muslim faith into our government.   I need Herman Cain to take a gander at our constitution before he makes a statement like that again.  Our country prides itself on the separation of Church and State, religious freedom, and that all men were created equal.  With one statement Herman Cain trampled on all of those principles.  If he is concerned with Muslims introducing their religious principles into American law then he should be equally concerned with Christian judges and cabinet members doing the same.  If we are holding true to our ideas of separation of church and state then we should not tolerate these actions by any member of any religion.  It is fear mongering to only point out Muslims.  More importantly it is beyond irresponsible for a presidential candidate to do so.  In addition Cain’s statement assumes that any Muslim will be looking to apply Muslim religious principles and it is just not a fair assumption.   Finally, we should not support any presidential candidate who openly admits that he will discriminate.

CEO to President? Just don’t see it.

Before beginning his campaign for the highest office in the country Herman Cain only spent time in the CEO office but never any political office.  The whole outsider thing is cute and may work when you running for the legislature but not for the highest office of the land.  Cain is trying to put a spin on his political inexperience and I hope voters see through it!  President Obama spent many years in the Illinois legislature and a few years as a Senator from Illinois and opponents challenged his experience.  It seems to me that people are accepting Herman Cain’s claim that being a CEO is comparable to holding a political office.   I will not take away that his experience as a CEO can be beneficial when determining economic policy but I see this more as an advisor not the leader.  Call me crazy but I would like to see someone more experienced with social issues and more sensitive to these issues.

His Role in the Civil Rights Movement

Herman Cain is a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia; a historically black college which counts Martin Luther King Jr. as one of its’ alums.   Cain was a student during the 60’s which of course was during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.  I saw a clip of Herman Cain explaining his role in the Civil Rights Movement while he was in college.  His responses raised more questions than answers.  After watching it I have to say it seemed that this man who is currently running for president avoided the political activism around him and he seemed proud of that.   I know every African American living in Atlanta at the time was not actively involved in the movement but would we want them to be President later in life?  I believe those who are destined to become President are cut from a different cloth.  I would expect them to be the person who rose to the occasion throughout their life.   I have read about President Obama’s work in Chicago as a community organizer prior to running for office and that seems to fall in line with being President.   Herman Cain was given the perfect opportunity to further expand on his claims in the book but he failed to do so.   I would have respected him more if he said that in his early twenties he did not feel called to lead or be involved but later in life after more experience in business changed him.  I guess what is even more odd is that Herman Cain does not seem to regret not being involved! Here he sat right in the midst of the one most pivotal moments in American history and he was okay with the fact that he walked to the back of the bus when asked.   I personally question his character based on this alone.

This is a Martin Luther King quote that is included in the new MLK memorial. It is so fitting for Herman Cain.

9-9-9 plan = voodoo economics!

I am going to revive George Bush’s term for Ronald Reagan’s economic plan and call this mess Cain is pushing voodoo economics!  The plan is very simple, 9 percent income tax for everyone, 9 percent national sales tax, and 9 percent corporate income tax.  This of course would have to be passed by Congress and often times Presidential candidates speak as if they will go into office and just make this law!   The first part that strikes me is the national sales tax.  Most states already have a sales tax, so now we would be paying the state’s sales tax in addition to national sales tax?  I’m not an economist but I imagine that would have a negative effect on the nation’s poor.   There are certain necessities that every family needs.  We have seen the prices of things as simple as milk going up during the recession, I would hate to add an additional tax to further burden Americans.  His income tax amounts to a flat tax, which has of course been debated around the country.  Once again my concern is for America’s poor.  Nine percent of Bill Gates income is far different than nine percent of a minimum wage workers income.  In short, I do not like this plan.

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2 thoughts on “My thoughts on Herman Cain

  1. erikastruth says:

    This is one of your best blogs. Well written, and nice format! Also, informative. Love, Your Mother:)

  2. Great blog writing! It baffles me how serious Republicans are taking him. He’s said some of the most offensive things in regards to people he “claims” he’s trying to help. A flat tax rate is ridiculous, as income levels and expenses are so diverse across the country. And this is almost the equivalent of Donald Trump trying to run for office. Stay in your lane buddy,…

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