Herman Cain part 2

About a month ago I wrote a blog about all of Herman Cain’s flaws and within a months time Cain has revealed that he has many more flaws that make him unworthy of holding the office of the President.  In my mind I see Romney holding Cain out in front of him and allowing him to take all of the blows from the media, the left and the right.  This may be strategic on the part of the right, prop up Cain initially and allow their stronger candidate to make it to the general election virtually unscathed.  Knowing this I should probably just ignore all of Cain’s recent slip ups but I just cannot help myself.  Here are a few more things that just make me shake my head about Mr. Herman Cain.

 A screen shot from Herman Cain’s recent commercial.  Is this not the creepiest smile ever?

Sexual Harassment Scandal

I know many doubt the validity of many of the allegations that have been leveled against Mr. Cain but I think there is some truth to them.  Unfortunately we still have not seen the initial complaint that was filed with the National Restaurant Association so the public is left to speculate.  For me Cain’s own statements have done more damage to him then anything else.   Nothing is more telling of Cain’s view of women then his statement about Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.  During a debate Cain referred to Pelosi as “Princess Pelosi”.  The statement was misogynistic a best and it belittles the great career of a woman Politician.  It is the last thing any man facing serious allegations of sexual harassment should said regarding a respected woman leader.

His mysterious memory about the formal allegations for one raises questions.  Initially he seemed to have no idea what the media was talking about.  Later he remembered the allegations but did not remember the settlement then only a few days later he conveniently remembered the women receiving “severance pay”.   I still am not sure what Cain knows and what he does not know about the allegations from the 90s.  He’s older and I understand that memory is not as strong as we age but I would think he would take the time to refresh his memory before holding press conferences and speaking on the issues.   That is the sign of the good leader, being prepared!

In addition to providing a shady confusing timeline, Cain continues to give a blanket denial.  He claims that all of the allegations are false.  He might as well claim mistaken identity!  Cain needs to really address these issues and the best way to do this is by releasing the agreement from the National Restaurant Association.  If he continues to deflect from the issues by pointing fingers at his accusers attorneys, Rick Perry, and the liberal media, most people will begin to think he truly has something to hide.

The awkward smoking commercial…

I thought we as Americans decided that smoking is bad for you and does not need to be glamorized over a decade ago.   The movie ratings system will even bump up the rating of a movie if a character is smoking in the film.  I would wager that if the first season of Sex and the City were filmed today, Carrie Bradshaw would not be battling a nicotine addiction.  Despite the changes to our society’s view on smoking Herman Cain released a rather peculiar campaign ad where his campaign manager sings his praises and ends by taking a long puff of a cigarette.  I found myself scratching my head after seeing this commercial.  I thought to myself this man cannot be serious about his campaign for the President of the United States, nope can’t be!

His disdain for all things Foreign

It is not out of the norm for a candidate for President to be questioned about foreign affairs, in fact it is expected.  Rather than stepping up to the challenge, Herman Cain has questioned this practice and argued that a presidential candidate does not need to know these things… wait what!  I really believe Herman Cain would visit the UN and ask the leader next to him excuse me sir what is your name and where is your country located?  That would be extremely embarrassing for our country and disrespectful.  Our country is the most powerful country in the world; I believe we owe other World Citizens the respect of at least knowing their country’s name is Uzbekistan (just one “beki”).  This type of disrespect can harm our relationships with these countries.

If trampling over country’s names was not enough Cain completely tripped over himself when asked about his view on Libya.   Now when the President first decided to openly support the Libyan rebels many doubted that this would end well.   The outcome so far has been in Obama’s favor with Gaddfi being removed from power in Libya.   First I have to say this would be a question that I would attempt to deflect if I was in Cain’s position.  Obama was successful here, and who wants to highlight your potential opponents foreign policy wins.  The man already captured and killed Osama Bin Laden, I would avoid giving him to much more praise on the foreign front.  Rather than avoiding this trap Cain had to go for the dig and he failed in the process.  I won’t even repeat his ramblings here because they did not make sense.  What was clear though is that Herman Cain, a Republican candidate had no idea what went on in Libya.  That is a big problem! These are the types of decisions that he is asking the country to allow him to make but he does not even seem to be interested in them outside of the White House!   Seems like he needs to go through the same foreign policy school the McCain campaign put Palin through during the 2008  election, but for Cain’s sake hopefully he get’s better results.

Finally I have to say Herman Cain makes me more and more grateful that President Obama was the first elected African American President.  If the first to break the highest color barrier in the land was more like Herman Cain, we would be set back for decades maybe even centuries.   Herman Cain would have been like Jack Johnson the first African American heavy weight boxing champion.  It was decades before another African American would hold the title of heavy weight champ after Johnson.  Cain also proves the point that African Americans do not just vote for a black face because nothing, I mean nothing would make me cast a vote for Herman Cain!

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