My Childhood Idol

Long before I ever wanted to be an attorney, I wanted to be a singer just like Whitney Houston. As an 80’s baby I idolized her! I wanted to be classy like her, as beautiful as her, and most importantly I wanted to SANG like her.  Yes there is a difference between singing and SANGING and Whitney Houston is the epitome of someone who could SANG!  Her voice was so flawless to me, as a child she was what Beyonce is today for so many young people.  Eventually I came to the sad realization that God did not bless me with a unique beautiful voice like Whitney Houston but her music will always hold a special place in my heart.  When I was little I remember fast forwarding (throwback!) to the end of the Bodyguard to sing along to “I Will Always Love You”.  I called my grandmother so she could listen to me sing like Whitney Houston.  I was probably about five or six and oddly enough I thought I could really hit those notes!

Some called her voice a national treasure after great performances like the National Anthem.  I have to agree.   Her voice is a rarity, a once in a lifetime kind of voice.  So many of her songs are the soundtrack to my childhood, and I am so glad that she shared that voice with us for so many years.  Now that she gone, many are speculating on the how and the why and focusing on her demons. I choose to focus on the great music that she left behind for us to enjoy forever.   Rest well Whitney Houston!

Here are a few of my favorite Whitney Houston songs

1. I Will Always Love You- cliché to some but that was my song when I was little!

2. I Believe In You and Me- this was my favorite song from the Preacher’s Wife soundtrack.

3. I Love the Lord- Whenever she went back to her gospel roots it was always good!

4. Count on Me (with CeCe Winans)-  Really no reason other than it’s just a great song by two great artists.

5. I learned from the Best- mainly because of that long note she hits at the end.

6. I Have Nothing- a classic Whitney Houston song. I loved it as a child and still do!

7. When You Believe (with Mariah Carey)- when you combine those two powerhouses, the song is destined for greatness!

8. Who Would Imagine a King- this song was during one of my favorite parts of The Preacher’s Wife


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