My Email to Senator Cruz

So I live in Texas which means that Senator Cruz is one of my senators.  I admittedly did not pay much attention to the Senate election last year as I was focused on the Presidential election.  My mistake.  Senator Cruz won a hard fought primary then had little competition in the general election.  Somehow that emboldened him and he went to Congress guns blazing Texas style.  Less than a year later he’s not only running the Republicans in the Senate but seems to be calling the shots in the House too!  It’s kind of amazing that a freshman Senator is wielding this much power so early in his first term.

Anywho below is my email to Senator Cruz. They make you fill out a form with your name/address/email etc through his website so of course I didn’t want to say anything too crazy.  I kept it PG for the Secret Service but threw in a little shadiness where I could :).  We will see if I get a response.

Senator Cruz

I am a lifelong Democrat but I was reminded that despite my party affiliation, as a Texan you still represent me in Congress. I wanted to personally email you and say that the current crisis that you, on your own, have created in Congress is ridiculous. The current government shutdown benefits no one, especially not Texans, the people who YOU were sent to Congress to represent. We realize that you are planning for life beyond the Senate and that’s great but please do not forget our needs as you aim for higher office.

On top of not benefiting Texans, this government shut down plan does not even seem to benefit the Republican party! If Obamacare is so horrible it seems to me the logical thing to do would be to implement it and watch the country “fail” as you claim it will. If that were to happen, which I personally doubt, America would be running to vote the Republican party into leadership in Congress, then you could claim a referendum and repeal it in a truly democratic fashion. This current plan is not what our representative Democracy is about and seems to ignore the will of the people. We elected and re-elected President Obama, with healthcare reform being one of his biggest campaign promises.

As a fellow member of the Texas Bar I admire your educational and legal background. It is undeniable that you have a brilliant mind, at least a brilliant legal mind. I do not think this government shutdown scheme is a true reflection of what good you are likely capable of in Congress, quit pandering to extreme factions of your party by dumbing it down.

After reading this email, I also hope you quit saying your constituents are not in support of Obamacare and want it stopped at any cost including a government shutdown. I know many Texans, from both parties that are not in agreement with the current actions of Congress. Above all I hope both parties can reach a reasonable decision that leaves intact legislation that is now law and above all constitutional.


Erika Harrison

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4 thoughts on “My Email to Senator Cruz

  1. jal219 says:

    Below is my letter to the congressmen who have fought hard to protect all of us. Even when we do not realize the consequences of actions. I am from Louisiana and have a very liberal senator who believes in the, spend, spend, spend attitude of the Obama administration.

    I want to thank you for standing your ground in this fiscal matter.

    As a hard working middle class American with no savings I feel empathy for all the people who have lost full time jobs because of ObamaCare. Understand that I am a real estate agent who relies on banks approving loans to get paid. As I’m sure you are aware that means I cannot get paid while the government is shutdown. And I accept that. Why? Because I feel that this administration has become a dictatorship.

    I really oppose the, “give me free reign and all the spending power that I want,” attitude. I don’t see how we can ever turn around this nation financially. In my limited knowledge we are too far in the red.

    PLEASE, continue to stand your ground. We have to stop the progression of dictatorship that is hurting the middle class now and eventually all people except for the 1%. Better in my opinion to default for the long term good of the nation than give in to this way of governing.

    Have A Blessed Day!
    Julie Landry, Realtor

    BTW: I have only $43 in my checking account. I stand firm in my belief that we are going under, no matter what the liberal media is or is not saying. I do like many of the new laws in Obama Care. However, the cost is the problem. It is killing small businesses and the extra burden is going to be passed onto the consumer (you and me). That spells – inflation – again. Prices have almost doubled since the beginning of the year on many products.

    Please see the links below about the poverty rate. I would normally go to government site but they are shutdown. The first link is from the University of Michigan and the second link is from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. If this administration is so good why is the poverty rate growing?


    • erikastruth says:

      I will respond to this more in depth this evening when I truly have time to unpack what all was said here. But the idea that a law that isn’t even fully implemented is already killing small businesses is simply crazy to me. If it’s currently happening as we speak, then why is our economy showing signs of growth every month. Fewer people on unemployment. A net gain of jobs every month. Where is it killing us? What I see is conservative business owners who are doing and saying what they can to make Obamacare a negative. They don’t want to see President Obama have that win for his legacy.

  2. Rob says:

    I just wish everyone would just use common sense. We are trillions of dollars in debt and we want to add more debt by providing Obama Care. I would love to take care of everyone but the fact is we can not afford it period. If you or I ran our home budget like Washington we would be in Jail. Because of the added debt from Obama Care Washington is looking at cutting money from our Seniors and our Veterans now that is a shame. They are the ones who protected and made Country great.. Let’s try something new for a change. How about paying off our debt first, build our Economy with GOOD PAYING jobs thats not part time. Then look at providing good social programs to help All Americans!!!

    • erikastruth says:

      Well following your logic, the shut down did not make sense since it cost this country billions of dollars. Thousands of members of the middle class (those who drive our economy) were not working and not getting paid. We will feel the effects of that forever.

      In addition there are countless reports that indicate how much Obamacare will save BILLIONS overtime. Even more common sense says to me that I as a human should not protest enabling my neighbor to have healthcare.

      There are a lot of things America cannot afford to do, I can make a list days long here. Foreign aid, military, congressmen salaries… we cannot afford to allow companies like the NFL be non profits. There are SO many things that impact our debt, so why are focusing on Obamacare, which might I add reportedly won’t add to the debt. So I do agree, use common sense.

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