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I’ve been meaning to write a blog about this book for awhile.  I read Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones several months ago and loved it! I joined several ladies I worked with for a book club and this was the first book that we discussed.  I think for the most part we all enjoyed the book.


Silver Sparrow is basically about several imperfect people.  You have James, who fathered two girls with two different women both of whom he has married.  His daughter Dana and her mother consider themselves the lucky ones in this situation since they know about the other family.  Their knowledge is powerful in some ways but they are still a secret to the rest of the world.


For me from the first line I was hooked.  I loved the story and how it develops through flashbacks and the current day.  The writing was just enough descriptive writing with great story telling.  I’ll try not to give up the storyline but believe me it’s hard!  In part one the author starts with Dana’s story and you cannot help to empathize with her.  Essentially every aspect of Dana’s life is defined by the fact that she is a secret.  From school choices to summer jobs and even simple moments with her father that she longs for. How can you feel for as the victim of circumstances that were not up to her? I know I did!


Half way through I was very into Dana’s story, then the author begins part two focusing on Chaurisse the OTHER daughter. Despite hearing her story from her point of view I did not feel for Chaurisse the way I felt for Dana and I think it was because I was so won over by Dana in the first half.  From part two you will also see that Chaurisse and her mother are also the victims of circumstances out of their control too but I just did not feel as sorry for them!  Each character has a past event or a tragedy that seems to weigh on them in some way and likely impacts their actions throughout the book. All imperfect in some way.


One of the best parts of this book is that you get to see both perspectives and how they deal with it.  Dana’s story is of course marked by being a secret while Chaurisse is living in oblivion.  That’s all I will say :).  The potential for readers to differ makes it a great read for a book club.  My version even had book club discussion questions in the back which my group and I used.  I highly recommend this book! 

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