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Americans Want Obamacare!

Once again our divided Congress cannot come together, act like adults and make a decision on the budget or the debt ceiling. Republicans continue to provide Democrats options to prevent a government shut down related to either defunding Obamacare or delayin it.  In defending this stance I have heard countless Republicans state that the American people do not want Obamacare.  I swear if I could scream from the mountain tops on that one I would.  I have continued to break this down from every angle I can think of but I for one cannot find any evidence that indicates that the majority of Americans do not want Obamacare.

Let’s start with what is called the silent majority. Do not be misled by the loud and vocal Obamacare protestors or the town halls that seem to be enraged by the impending implementation of Obamacare.  Just because you are the loudest does not mean you are in the majority. Ironically at some points we have viewed the silent majority as the conservative faction of our country. You know the older “typical Regan supporting American” who is not to into the whole grassroots organizing thing like Liberals, but what they will do is vote and that is when it matters.  Well I am starting to feel that the Obamacare supporters, likely liberals are now the silent majority in this country.

During the 2008 election, Healthcare was a hot button issue. Seems crazy now looking back but Republican candidates put forth plans on changing American’s health care system too.  Back then it seemed like a necessity for winning under that climate.  When we mention President Obama’s campaign for office from a historical standpoint, without a doubt his campaign pledge to provide universal healthcare would be included.  When presented with his plans to overhaul American’s healthcare system majority of Americans sided with President Obama over John McCain effectively voting for universal healthcare as well. So in 2008 I would say we had a majority of Americans in support of Obamacare.

Moving on to 2012. Now with the Healthcare bill passed, Republican candidates continued to make this an issue but now instead of providing a different plan, they campaigned on repealing the current plan.  In Romney’s case we can argue that there was a conflict with his health care statements during the election, and what he did while Governor of Massachusetts and that might account for the discrepancy in voting but this is who you selected during the primaries.  One of the key things, if not THE key thing Mitt Romney ran on was a repealing Obamacare and once again a majority of Americans sided with President Obama, giving their approval on healthcare again.

Back in 2008 election, it was essentially a referendum on President Bush so the Democrats held majority in the House, Senate and captured the White House.  During midterm elections, the Republicans took over the House and have held control ever since.  In 2012, the Republicans would have loved to gain ground in Washington by taking over the Senate or the White House. They failed to do either.  Even though they maintained the majority in the House, as a combined total Democratic candidates received move votes in all the House elections than Republicans.  Another majority for you. More Americans cast votes for Democratic, Obamacare supporting candidates, in 2012 legislative elections. So districting, or gerrymandering, allowed Republicans to maintain the House in 2012.

The only “strong” win I see for Republicans  is the midterm elections from 2010. I recently heard President Clinton state that we see two different Americas during a midterm election and a Presidential election which could easily account for the varied results.  Just from a pure numbers stand point we know that voter turnout is significantly lower during midterm elections. So I ask again, where are they getting this majority of the country does not want ObamaCare from?

It is crazy to me that Republicans continue to make this “majority of Americans” argument when the facts are not there. They are not holding up our country on a principle argument or by doing what the “majority” wants. In short, if the majority of Americans agreed with you, you would not be in the minority in Washington. I get it, these candidates ran on repealing Obamacare and if they want to keep their jobs in Congress they have to do what they said they were going to do in Washington. That is fine but lets not confuse what is going on here.  Time and time again, on a national level, majority of Americans have indicated that they want and support Obamacare.  Now if you those who elected you from your small district in Ohio or your entire home state in the case of Senators do not support it that is fine, but let’s not prevent our country from handling it’s business just to stop what the majority has continued to vote in support of.

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Debate Night 2012


Tonight is the first Presidential debate between President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney. For a politics nerd like myself this is like the first round of the playoffs leading up to the superbowl, election day. Here are a few things I think both sides should do in the debate tonight in order to win over more voters.

Former Governor Romney

Be easy on the zingers

Reports are that Mitt Romney is practicing several zingers for the debate tomorrow. I am concerned. Let’s be honest. You need a certain level of coolness to really make a zing work and Romney just does not have it. It is going to be corny mark my word. He does need the zingers because those are the lines that people remember and discuss the next day at the water cooler. That is what Romney needs, he needs a positive comment replayed by the “liberal” media as he calls it. He needs to win here so treed lightly governor.

We need details sir!

The biggest substantive critique of Romney right now is he has failed to give us details on his plans specifically his tax plan. Specific details rather than what he claims the overall impact will be of his tax plan! When these issues come up Romney needs to balance attacking what Obama has done with a sprinkling of blanket statements but a large amount of details! That is what we are all waiting for even the Republicans are waiting on details.

Be genuine

Romney needs to appear that he genuinely cares and lets be honest that is nearly impossible for him. The democrats have played up this out of touch rich white man from the beginning and the recent leak of the “47% video” fell right into that only difference was that the elitism came from his mouth not the democrats! So how does he do that? Well what he should not do is be too empathetic it will come of as fake. I have heard that there are some great anecdotes that highlight a softer Romney that he refuses to use because he did not do these things to win an election they were just out of the kindness of his heart. Well Romney you are losing, it is time to bust those stories out and the debate is a great time for it.

Women, minorities and the poor

Romney is polling extremely low among women, Hispanics and African Americans and it does not seem like he cares. I do not think Romney can win the general election with only older white men voting for him. He is going to need to pull from another demographic. I will be surprised if Romney makes it through all of the debates without a question regarding women’s health issues ranging from abortion to birth control. Romney needs to find some balance between the male conservative, who has an odd need to control the reproductive organs of women, with the rights and desires of women to have their own autonomy when dealing with their bodies! He also needs to find a more attractive stance on immigration, which is another question that will be brought up in one of these debates. Advocating for self-deportation is not going to garner him any Hispanic votes. Although he needs to find a better solution here, I don’t see him doing it because the opposing side to this debate falls squarely among his supporters. He’s probably not going to win a majority of these groups over but a few percentage points would not hurt.

President Obama

Be cool you are winning!

Now is not the time for a Romney level debate gaffe, like the “wanna bet $10,000” comment made during the Republican primary debate. Obama needs to be cool as a cucumber and well thought out in his answers. Republicans are praying for a slip up because it could be a huge momentum changer in this race and that is exactly what Romney needs. Cool is what Obama does best so I am not too concerned. I will be surprised if there is an Obama gaffe in the debate, now Biden on the other hand that is a different story.

Add some zingers!

Leaders of Obama’s campaign have made it seem like zingers are beneath him. They’ve indicated that he will be highlighting the issues and speaking directly to the American people without the applause lines. Honestly I hope this was just bluffing because zingers are what make Presidential debates fun and there is so much material with Romney! An attack on “Obamacare” a zinger about “Romneycare” would fit right in. A line about his flip flopping would also be good! I hope Obama goes for it.

Don’t be to professorial

President Obama is a smart man. He actually was a professor at one of the top law schools in America. I think this is a strength and a negative all in one. He knows the issues well and can break them down but maybe not plain enough for all the American people. So I hope Obama takes a page from Bill Clinton’s book and just makes it plain to the American people. Speak directly about issues that they understand impact them. I think he can do this.

This should be a fun debate to watch!

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Obama, Anti-Religion?

Obama Anti-Religious?

That is what Newt Gingrich wants us to believe.  During his speeches Gingrich has stated several times that President Obama is anti-religion. He then goes on to say that once in office (ha!) he will change all of the anti-religion policies of the Obama administration.  I was honestly very confused by this!  Despite rumors of President Obama being a Muslim, he is a Christian so why would he be waging a war against religion, particularly Christianity from the oval office?  Aside from being a Christian let’s also not forget the provision in American government called “separation of church and state”.  Well I decided to head over to Google and do some research on this issue.

From what I can tell it appears that Gingrich believes that a contraception regulation amounts to a war against Christianity.  A new regulation by the Department of Health and Human Services requires employers to provide contraception for their employees.   There are of course exemptions to these rules including Churches. Gingrich and others are up in arms about those who the exemption does not extend to, Catholic Hospitals and Universities.  In my mind that means they would not want a professor at Notre Dame to be able to have contraception covered under her insurance.  That is definitely not the entire Catholic Church as I was led to believe by Gingrich’s statements.

Of course the line between contraception and abortion has been blurred with Gingrich even claiming that the Obama administration is forcing Catholic churches to pay for abortions for their employees.  I wish we could make these two things very clear categories. For one I believe that giving people access to contraception lowers the numbers of abortion.  I have no stats to back this but it just makes sense to me!  If birth control is covered under a woman’s insurance, she is able to prevent a unplanned pregnancy through the insurance that she already pays for. We need to stop confusing two, it’s inflammatory and appears to be stoking the flames.

Catholics groups have argued that this rule stops their religious freedom.  I think it does something different, it allows the employees to have a choice.  If an employee follows the strict rules of Catholicism, which does not even condone the pill, then they will decide not to get a prescription through their insurance regardless.  If they are someone who does not follow this mindset but just so happen to work for a Catholic organization, I do not believe they should be prevented from making their own choice based on their own beliefs.  I guess the solution would be to hire people who adhere to your beliefs but determining this obviously creates other problems including privacy issues.

Call me crazy but I do not think this one little regulation amounts to a war on religion.  This policy seems to enable the employee’s religious freedom.  More importantly Gingrich’s claims constantly include the word “abortion” which runs contrary to the actual rule from the Department of Health and Human Services.  So I am going to label this Gingrich claim to be a complete exaggeration with a few untruths thrown in the mix as well!

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Political Season Has Begun!

The Iowa caucus marks the official start of the 2012 election season!  It was a historic caucus with the final vote coming down to just eight votes in favor of Romney.   Here is my rundown of the Iowa Caucus by candidate from the lowest finish to the winner!

Jon Huntsman– He did not compete in Iowa at all and has focused his time on New Hampshire.  Republicans have not given him a chance but I think he is a great candidate for the Republican Party.  I hope he takes a turn as the frontrunner like everyone else; he is definitely more worthy of it than some of the others.

Michelle Bachmann– Not much to say about her.  She lost her home state after winning the straw poll.  It’s time for her to pack it up, America clearly isn’t buying her brand of loony.

Rick Perry– Perry clearly did not think running for President would be this difficult.  He has faced some ugly campaigns in Texas and has always managed to win! Perry entered this race having never lost a political election ever. That is virtually unheard of!  Romney lost a bid for Congress as did President Obama and Santorum lost reelection.  I’d imagine Perry entered this race with a little arrogance, some of that comes from being a Texan too.  I also think Perry has gotten far on looks and charisma in life but it just was not working on the national stage.   The failure of his campaign falls on him.  He never had to fight his way to the top like many of the other candidates he came in on top!  He just never could handle the debates, and slowly dwindled.  After his disappointing finish in Iowa yesterday Perry said he is headed back to Texas to re-evaluate his campaign.  Sounds like he’s hanging it up but I would not be surprised if he stays around until South Carolina.  Perry and Gingrich (both Southerners) seem to think that state will be great for them.  Whether he continues or not this campaign is done, he is not making it to the White House.  Now as a Texan, I hope he doesn’t get his election mojo back anytime soon!

Newt Gingrich–  Look for Gingrich to really start going after Romney after his disappointing finish. The day of the caucus he called Romney a liar.  Those are fighting words!   Gingrich continues to speak out against attack ads targeting him. These ads are put out by Romney supporters who Romney claims he has no control over.   Romney may not technically have control over these groups but rest assure if they were producing ads that were running contrary to his message they would be calling them. Essentially Romney has approved these messages regardless of what he says.   Anywho, Gingrich’s complaints about these ads make him seem like a cry baby if you ask me.  Politics is an ugly game; play at your own risk!  He’s crying now but Gingrich will not be crying for long, expect him to start playing dirty too!  He does not have the money to go at Romney in a similar manner but he will use the debates for this.  During debates Gingrich usually tries to play the great unifier among the Republicans but that will be out of the door next time!

So why did Gingrich do so poorly in Iowa? I’d say his past came back to haunt him.   We have only had one president who was divorced before, Ronald Reagan.  Think about that even in modern times, even after the Marilyn Monroes and Monica Lewinskys only one president was divorced!  That says something about what Americans expect of our presidents even if we do not value the same in our own lives.  Gingrich has been married three times. His earlier marriages ended after he began affairs with his next wife.   I do not hold the extreme conservative viewpoints of the Evangelicals that make of the Republican Party in Iowa but even I have to question the man’s character based on his personal life!  Gingrich’s personal life got a lot of play after he took his turn as the top candidate.  I think that was one of the things that bothered Iowans.   I am not too sure how he will do here on out. His calm demeanor is starting to show cracks, and his extreme arrogance is showing more and more.

Ron Paul– Can I just say that he is one of my favorite politicians of all time in both parties.   I will leave his connection to bigoted statements aside for this post.  I just love that he is just about the truth whether his audience likes it or not. There is a lot of pandering done by the other candidates and  Paul is not going to do it!  It also cracks me up that he constantly wears what looks like a 15 year old off the rack suit! He clearly has no image consultant but that is what makes people like him! Is he extreme in his views, yes and I often do not agree with him but I give him credit for standing up saying what he believes! I think finishing third is great for Paul, it shows that he is no longer just a fringe candidate.  I don’t think Paul will win but his presence in the Republican primary can bring attention to unpopular views like not just jumping into a war with Iran as many of the other candidates have suggested.

Rick Santorum– Where did he come from in Iowa?? It seems like everyone has taken his or her turn at the top of the pack (except for poor Huntsman) and I guess it was just Santorum’s turn.  Luckily for him the timing of his rise happened to fall within the week of the Iowa Caucus.  This could create the momentum he needs to stay at the top a lot longer than the other candidates did but I do not think that will happen.  Santorum will likely suffer the same fate of Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and then Newt Gingrich.  They were all leaders of the pack for a few weeks then back down to the bottom.   The ironic thing is that Mitt Romney has sat back unscathed during this whole musical chairs episode.  We will see how he handles the new spotlight during the next debate.  He will now be front and center flanked by Romney and Ron Paul with former leaders Perry and Gingrich pushed to the nosebleeds.  I think he will choke.

Mitt Romney–  From the beginning Romney has been the most realistic candidate for the Republican party but for some reason he just cannot get the party to rally behind him! The “anyone but Romney” mission is alive and well.  It is to blame for the constantly changing frontrunner. Despite all of the negativity, Romney has run a decent campaign without huge blunders like Herman Cain or Rick Perry.   This go around Romney did not put has much effort into winning Iowa and still managed to have a fight to the finish with Santorum.  There is no excitement about it but Romney will keep trucking along and will be the last man standing.  So it’s time to face it Republican Party, Romney is your candidate for the general election, get excited.

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Herman Cain part 2

About a month ago I wrote a blog about all of Herman Cain’s flaws and within a months time Cain has revealed that he has many more flaws that make him unworthy of holding the office of the President.  In my mind I see Romney holding Cain out in front of him and allowing him to take all of the blows from the media, the left and the right.  This may be strategic on the part of the right, prop up Cain initially and allow their stronger candidate to make it to the general election virtually unscathed.  Knowing this I should probably just ignore all of Cain’s recent slip ups but I just cannot help myself.  Here are a few more things that just make me shake my head about Mr. Herman Cain.

 A screen shot from Herman Cain’s recent commercial.  Is this not the creepiest smile ever?

Sexual Harassment Scandal

I know many doubt the validity of many of the allegations that have been leveled against Mr. Cain but I think there is some truth to them.  Unfortunately we still have not seen the initial complaint that was filed with the National Restaurant Association so the public is left to speculate.  For me Cain’s own statements have done more damage to him then anything else.   Nothing is more telling of Cain’s view of women then his statement about Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.  During a debate Cain referred to Pelosi as “Princess Pelosi”.  The statement was misogynistic a best and it belittles the great career of a woman Politician.  It is the last thing any man facing serious allegations of sexual harassment should said regarding a respected woman leader.

His mysterious memory about the formal allegations for one raises questions.  Initially he seemed to have no idea what the media was talking about.  Later he remembered the allegations but did not remember the settlement then only a few days later he conveniently remembered the women receiving “severance pay”.   I still am not sure what Cain knows and what he does not know about the allegations from the 90s.  He’s older and I understand that memory is not as strong as we age but I would think he would take the time to refresh his memory before holding press conferences and speaking on the issues.   That is the sign of the good leader, being prepared!

In addition to providing a shady confusing timeline, Cain continues to give a blanket denial.  He claims that all of the allegations are false.  He might as well claim mistaken identity!  Cain needs to really address these issues and the best way to do this is by releasing the agreement from the National Restaurant Association.  If he continues to deflect from the issues by pointing fingers at his accusers attorneys, Rick Perry, and the liberal media, most people will begin to think he truly has something to hide.

The awkward smoking commercial…

I thought we as Americans decided that smoking is bad for you and does not need to be glamorized over a decade ago.   The movie ratings system will even bump up the rating of a movie if a character is smoking in the film.  I would wager that if the first season of Sex and the City were filmed today, Carrie Bradshaw would not be battling a nicotine addiction.  Despite the changes to our society’s view on smoking Herman Cain released a rather peculiar campaign ad where his campaign manager sings his praises and ends by taking a long puff of a cigarette.  I found myself scratching my head after seeing this commercial.  I thought to myself this man cannot be serious about his campaign for the President of the United States, nope can’t be!

His disdain for all things Foreign

It is not out of the norm for a candidate for President to be questioned about foreign affairs, in fact it is expected.  Rather than stepping up to the challenge, Herman Cain has questioned this practice and argued that a presidential candidate does not need to know these things… wait what!  I really believe Herman Cain would visit the UN and ask the leader next to him excuse me sir what is your name and where is your country located?  That would be extremely embarrassing for our country and disrespectful.  Our country is the most powerful country in the world; I believe we owe other World Citizens the respect of at least knowing their country’s name is Uzbekistan (just one “beki”).  This type of disrespect can harm our relationships with these countries.

If trampling over country’s names was not enough Cain completely tripped over himself when asked about his view on Libya.   Now when the President first decided to openly support the Libyan rebels many doubted that this would end well.   The outcome so far has been in Obama’s favor with Gaddfi being removed from power in Libya.   First I have to say this would be a question that I would attempt to deflect if I was in Cain’s position.  Obama was successful here, and who wants to highlight your potential opponents foreign policy wins.  The man already captured and killed Osama Bin Laden, I would avoid giving him to much more praise on the foreign front.  Rather than avoiding this trap Cain had to go for the dig and he failed in the process.  I won’t even repeat his ramblings here because they did not make sense.  What was clear though is that Herman Cain, a Republican candidate had no idea what went on in Libya.  That is a big problem! These are the types of decisions that he is asking the country to allow him to make but he does not even seem to be interested in them outside of the White House!   Seems like he needs to go through the same foreign policy school the McCain campaign put Palin through during the 2008  election, but for Cain’s sake hopefully he get’s better results.

Finally I have to say Herman Cain makes me more and more grateful that President Obama was the first elected African American President.  If the first to break the highest color barrier in the land was more like Herman Cain, we would be set back for decades maybe even centuries.   Herman Cain would have been like Jack Johnson the first African American heavy weight boxing champion.  It was decades before another African American would hold the title of heavy weight champ after Johnson.  Cain also proves the point that African Americans do not just vote for a black face because nothing, I mean nothing would make me cast a vote for Herman Cain!

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Turn Down the Rhetoric

We are not quite sure what caused the horrible incidents in Arizona but we can and will speculate.  Even if the investigation proves that this young man was simply a sufferer of mental illness this should still be a turning point in America’s politics.  The last few years marked a dramatic change in the American political discourse.  We do not seem to be able to have a civil discussion or air out our differences in a civil manner.   The tragic events in Arizona should be seen as an opportunity for both sides to say we need to turn down the rhetoric because we are not firing up the base, we are inciting violence and intolerance.

If we do find out that this young man was influenced by the comments of conservative politicians and pundits I will put most the blame on Sarah Palin.  Sure others like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh have made incendiary comments but Palin is different.  Although I hate to admit it, she is legitimately in the political realm as a previously elected official and one who will likely seek political office in the coming years.  The others are moved by high ratings and outrageous statements create high ratings.  Palin’s decision to make herself a “king maker” also keeps her on my evening political news every night.  As with any elected official, current or previous, they have a higher profile and a higher level of responsibility. I am sure that she would defend herself against these charges by saying that she was just exercising her first amendment rights.  I realize that Sarah Palin is no constitutional scholar, so I hope someone takes the time to explain to her there is a thin line between freedom of speech and inciting violence or hatred and she has time and again crossed it.  Again Palin may attempt to defend herself, only this time arguing that regardless of his motives there is no direct link between her actions and the actions of the suspect in the Arizona shootings.  While a prosecutor could not make a case against Palin due to inadequate causation, her actions contributed to a negative atmosphere in American politics.  The type of atmosphere present in America today gives way to violent behavior.  There are others who contributed to this as well but someone in Palin’s position holds a higher level of responsibility.

Following the shootings in Arizona which included the death of a Federal Judge and serious wounding of a United States Congresswoman, Sarah Palin quickly removed the controversial “crosshair’s map” from her website and tweets related to the map.   Palin led the way in the bitter mid-term elections crossing the country to support her handpicked candidates.  Some of the craziest Palin supported “tea party candidates” like Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell thankfully did not make it to Washington, even still Palin’s mission was clear.  Remove any and every “liberal” who opposed her positions on topics such as gay marriage, second amendment rights, and health care reform.  This is where Palin’s crosshairs map comes in.  On her website, which I imagine is frequented often by diehard Palin fans, Palin posted a map of the United States which showed crosshairs similar to those on the scope of a gun.  The post encouraged Palin supporters to “reload” rather than “retreat”.  The “crosshairs” were strategically placed in the Congressional districts of Democrat candidates who Palin argued should be unseated.  Maybe a ballot box would have been a more appropriate symbol to include on the map because that is how America handles disagreements, at the ballot box.  Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the target of today’s tragic events, was included on this map.  When the map was first posted, Congresswoman Giffords stated that people like Sarah Palin have to realize there are consequences for these types of actions.

My frustration with this map and other inflammatory comments Sarah Palin has made is that it is blatantly irresponsible! People are crazy! Sick warped minds will use anything to support their crazy political views.  Someone with so much power and influence should not be stoking the flames or feeding weak minds with fiery rhetoric.  It leads me to believe that Sarah Palin may be just as crazy.  Giffords comments regarding being a target of the map were made in March but we just saw the removal of the map today following the tragedy in Arizona.  Waiting for a tragedy to occur before removing the provocative map unnerves me. This type of irresponsible behavior makes me cringe at the thought of Palin in the White House.  I can only imagine the type of damage her mouth will do with that type of platform.  The bottom line is as a public figure you have a duty to consider all the consequences of your comments and postings.  Just consider how long it takes Obama to decide his choice of words during interviews.  He realizes this and it is time for Sarah Palin to accept responsibility and do the same.

In each party there are people who lack the mental capacity to handle the ins and outs of the political process.  Regardless of what Republicans and Democrats do or say there will also be those who will take it to another level but it is the duty of the politicians to insure they are not making comments that ignite people in negative ways.    A more recent example of this type of irresponsible behavior includes the House Republicans attempt to repeal the large Health Care bill passed during last session.  A basic civics lesson shows that this is likely will not be passed.  While the Republicans now hold the majority in the House of Representatives, they are still in the minority in the Senate.  Think back to your high school government class and remember it takes both houses to pass legislation.  The Republicans know this yet they still proceed as if these facts are irrelevant.  If by a long shot this legislation passes, the Democratic President still has the ability to veto this decision and of course he will.  Considering the initial repeal was nearly impossible to begin with, I highly doubt Republicans will have 2/3 of Congress in their corner to override the veto.  Even with these facts and numbers, the Republicans proceed with the repeal of Health Care reform, making it one of the top issues they want to address at the start of the session.  Forget about the jobs they complained about last year or the deficit they claim makes them lose sleep at night.  They want to spend their time undoing the work that the Democrats worked so hard to accomplish.  Republicans had the opportunity to work along side Democrats and make a Health Care Bill something they could live with but yet they said no.  Even now, with a Republican majority in the house, they are still saying no and not providing any new ideas just a big no to the old ones.  So why do the Republicans continue on this path?  They are pandering to their base, or to those they wish to keep in their fold, like the tea party members.

The Republicans have managed to keep those with a little sense in power like Cantor and Boehner.  The leaders of this party know what they are doing. They are attempting to show conservatives they have taken a stance against Obama’s policies, even though the reality is they cannot fulfill these promises.  Republicans should be asking what happens when conservatives suffer another health care let down.  The potential to overturn Health Care will fire up the Republican base because it shows that the party listens to their base and is willing to challenge the democrats, but losing this battle will only infuriate them more.  Conservative leadership in the house knows it is an up hill battle that they likely cannot win yet they continue to proceed and release optimistic statements to the press. If I did not know any better I would think this repeal only had a handful of naysayers from reading their statements. This type of behavior is irresponsible to me.  The Republican party should say we have real work to do and focusing on the repeal will likely be in vain because we do not have the votes to accomplish this.  Rather than waste our time, let’s focus on more important things like JOBS.  This became even more clear to me, when following the Arizona incident the House Republicans pushed back the Health Care repeal vote because it was controversial and did not seem appropriate following such a tragic event.  It is important for the Republican party to be upfront and honest with their party.  Lies and pandering only encourage anger and potential violence.

There is definitely an undercurrent in the current political climate.  I cannot help but to think this has something to do with the election of the first African American President.  Many American’s believed that the election of Barack Obama marked a post-racial era in America.  I will admit I was optimistic but I had my doubts.  Even in my moments of doubt I never imagined that the backlash would be to this level.  Yes no conservative pundit or Congressmen has come out and said I do not like Obama or his policies because he is black. Be real, no one in 2011 would do that because it is politically incorrect and would be a career-ending move.  There is a closeted racial fear that lies just beneath the surface when dealing with Obama’s policies.  When you watch Tea Party rallies or the Glenn Beck rally you will witness fervor that is unprecedented because something more is at play.  The only notable difference between this administration and the previous ones is the race of its leader.  Although we are not in a post-racial era, the current political climate illustrates the unique racial climate that minorities particularly those of African American descent are dealing with.  The closeted racist does not run around with a white hood or burn crosses in front of homes.  Before we knew who the enemies of racial progression were, now their klan suit is hidden under a business suit.  How President Obama or any African American for that matter moves past this is unclear because it is hard to challenge an invisible enemy.  The racial undertones remain a challenge for Obama as he proceeds to push his agenda through Congress.  I honestly believe that some conservative commentators intentionally seek to stoke racial fears with their comments but I realize this is not the case for all.  For those who do not they need to be constantly mindful of this fear and act or speak accordingly.

It is time for our leaders to grow up.  Remember that although we fall on different sides of the aisle, we are still fighting for the same goal, making America a better place for American Citizens.   I sit back and watch heated debates on CNN or read about them on Huffington Post and cannot help but to compare the Republicans vs. Democrats to the Lakers and Celtics and it should not be this way.  Only one basketball team can walk away with the trophy but when one party passes successful legislation the entire country wins!  Both parties need to be up front and honest with their constituents and party members. Now is not the time to make statements with the goal to win the next election.  We do not have time for these silly games.  America is hurting, and we need our leaders to realize that and get back to work.  Also cut out the distractions. That includes Republican leaders such as Boehner or McConnell taking a stand and telling the likes of Palin, Limbaugh and even Beck to shut up!  They are not adding anything constructive to the political discourse.  These are our leaders and they need to do something very simple, LEAD! Lead America by turning down the hateful and unnecessary rhetoric.  The citizens are likely to follow. Above all we should remember that America has a beautiful political system envied and duplicated the world over.  We need to continue to ensure the integrity of our Democratic system.  Finally please keep the victims of the Arizona shooting in your hearts and prayers.  My prayer is that this horrific incident becomes a wake up call to America.

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